Short-Term City

Digital platforms are changing cities in many subtle and profound ways. The short-term rentals website Airbnb is just one prominent example of how new online intermediaries reshape urban practices and imaginaries, change social relationships, disrupt traditional markets, amplify spatial hierarchies … Continua a leggere

New website

We are happy to announce our new brand and new website now online!  


Welcome Laboratorio Dati Economici Sociali e Territoriali. LADEST, founded in 2008, offers an environment for research and training on geography in the social sciences at the University of Siena. The laboratory specialises in Geographic Information Systems, Spatial analysis, (Big) Data … Continua a leggere


Internship LADEST offers internship opportunities to students of the University of Siena, or any other academic institution. The intern will collaborate to the research activities of the Lab. For further information write to the Director, Prof.ssa Cristina Capineri: Interns  Leonor … Continua a leggere


Selected publications Salerno G.-M. (2024) (forthcoming) Il ritmo della rendita. La casa contesa a partire da diversi regimi di temporalità, in Marini S., Lanini L., Petracchin A. e Zilio L. (a cura di), “Per una Nuova Casa Italiana. Casa privata … Continua a leggere


Ongoing projects SIENA IN TRANSITION (2023 – 2025) In line with the recommendations of the Council of the European Union concerning the enhancement “of methods and techniques of data collection aimed at monitoring the processes of equitable, green and digital … Continua a leggere


Cristina Capineri | Director Cristina Capineri is professor of geography at the Dipartimento Scienze Sociali, Politiche e Cognitive of the University of Siena, where she teaches human and economic geography and directs the Ladest Lab. She co-founded the Vespucci Initiative … Continua a leggere

Research themes

  DIGITAL PLATFORMS & PLATFORM URBANISM Digital platforms are programmable digital architectures designed to organize interactions between users (Van Dijck, 2019); a global ecosystem of online platforms that is driven by algorithms and fueled by data increasingly influences our consumption … Continua a leggere

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